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0h n0
0h n0 is a little logic game where you have to fill out an entire grid of dots in order to satisfy the game's rules.
100 Merge Melons
How many watermelons can you get?
2048 - Infinity
Will you swipe left or swipe right?
Align 4
Connect four of the blue disks by dropping them into the holder before your opponent does.
Animal Flash
An infinite round Match-3 game with cute animals
Bee Connect
Connect 4 numbers and clear the bee hive
Break it ! Break it ! Break the bricks !
Chubby Dragon
Only top 1% player can reach the 99th pillar
Circle Ninja
Slice green circles and avoid the red ones.
Circle Path
Continue the path by stopping the rotating ball in the circles with perfect timing.
Coil is an addictive HTML5 game where you have to defeat your enemies by enclosing them in your trail.
Color Match
Keep changing color until all boxes have the same color.
Emoji Minesweeper
Sweep for good-looking splendid emojis
Flip is a timed card memory game. Click the green cards to see what symbol they uncover and try to find the matching symbol underneath the other cards.
HexGL is a futuristic, fast-paced racing game built by Thibaut Despoulain using HTML5, Javascript and WebGL and a tribute to the original Wipeout and F-Zero series.
Kungfu Jump
Jump up and reach the moon
Mahjong Match
Match the tile and remove them from the board !
Math King
Train your brain daily with these speed math exercise !
Monster Match
Train your memory with these cute monsters
Dodge the nails while jumping from side to side.
OMG - What Am I?
OMG - What Am I? is a personality quiz game, where you run through levels selecting answers that you identify with the most. Each level is a different personality quiz.
P2 Ball
Shoot balls to hit various shapes before it reaches the top of the screen.
Flip it black, flip it white, cover the board, you know the drill !
Slime Drop
Jump down and survive . . . if you can !
Control a snakehead by turning only left or right by ninety degrees until you manage to eat an the orange apples . When you get the apples, the Snake grows an extra block. If the snake accidentally eats himself the game is over. The more apples the snake eats the higher the score.
Snake Strike
Eat and grow longer and longer ... and longer
1000 number puzzle in one game ! Play it now !
The Pond
A narrow fellow in the Pond. Swim free fish, swim free. The pond awaits exploring.
Tower Blocks
Build up a tower of colorful blocks.